£550k revamp announced on parks and playgrounds across Hartlepool


The UK is going through what can be called a playground crisis. Playgrounds around the country are being closed down victims to neglect and vandalism since Councils decided to cut a 44% of the investment in this issue by 2020.

Since 2014, an alarming number of 347 playgrounds throughout the whole country have been closed down due to the bad conditions they had, a consequence of the abandonment they are going through.

Some experts consider that the closure of adapted spaced for kids to play and develop certain skills can cause physical and mental damage to children’s health. Having no place to play outdoor will lead future generations of children to be lock inside their houses, with technology as their only mean of entertainment. As useful and necessary that technology might be, kids need to have somewhere to go to interact with the outside, breath fresh air and relax.

Apart from the mental problems this isolation might cause in children, the inactivity can lead to physical problems such as obesity and other vascular problems. And it is important not to forget that child obesity is an important concern in western countries.

Public opinion considers that the Government should make a greater effort to protect playgrounds and green areas.Playing is essential for any kid’s development, and the closing down of such a great number of parks and playgrounds will make it very difficult for children in some certain areas to have access to a safe place to play outdoors.

Moreover, most of the times, when a playground is closed, it means it is lost forever. There are some experts who think that the government should supply this lack of playgrounds and parks with local activities and organizations to improve and increase the children activity level.

One really controversial closing down was the one relating a playground for disabled children, Adventure playground, in Wolverhampton. This park was equipped with special equipment and staff to help children with special needs.

The abandonment by the local government together with the vandalism has forced the park to close down, leaving hundreds of children with no options. The area is now going to be rebuilt and turned into a residential area. But in the middle of all this controversy, there is still a ray of light that can be spotted among the clouds.

While the general tendency of the whole country is a reduction of the budget destined to the creation and maintenance of playgrounds, playground equipment and parks, the Council of the city Hartlepool, in the Hartlepool Borough County has decided to act to change that.

The council has approved an investment of £550k to this matter. The project consists of the revamp of all the existing parks and playgrounds of the region to preserve the playing areas that the county already has. But as this didn’t seem enough, apparently, they are also going to build new and modern playgrounds and green areas to help families have quality time in the outside and enjoy the wonders of nature and fresh air.

This measure does not only improve children health but the health of the population in general, as green areas are essential in a town to clean the air and have somewhere to escape from the concrete and fumes of the cars.

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